About us

Hi! My name is Lara Belaeva. I am an animator, an illustrator, a Ph.D. microbiologist and an award-winning pop-science copywriter. The science has been my passion all my life. And I enjoy combining my artistic skills with science knowledge.

The more science and technology develop, the more data we receive, the more we need effective ways to share knowledge with people. The animation is one of best ways to do it. And the success of animation in TEDed, Kurzgezagt, Asapscience and other projects fully confirm the idea that a bright visual communication has a great power.

By founding Zinnobio animation studio I synthesize my conceptual visual art skills and my teaching and research skills to tell animated stories in science, especially in the field of biology and medicine.

And if you need a high quality, deeply thought out, interesting and motivating animated science content, then Zinnobio is the just-right choice!



Unusual look

Pop-science experience

Knowledge with caracters

Steps to result

Start point
I consider all your demands, your target audience, the main message you want to carry
I write an engaging video script in conjunction with a professional editor and a science adviser
I hire a voice actor to record an audio narration.
Design and storyboard
I design characters and create a video storyboard
I illustrate and animate the story (the most time demanding phase)
I add sound effects or, if you prefer, I hire a professional sound designer. And voila! It's done!

Contact us

  • Contact us on the detail given below

  • https://dribbble.com/zinnobio
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://zinnobio.com